Often asked: What To Eat At An Indian Restaurant If You Don’t Like Curry Flavor?

What to get from an Indian if you dont like curry?

16 creative takes on Indian that aren’t curry

  • Summer pumpkin dhal.
  • Lamb tikka flatbreads.
  • Lamb tikka flatbreads.
  • Baked butter chicken.
  • Indian-style lamb and eggplant pizzas.
  • Indian samosa pie with minted yogurt.
  • Red lentil dhal with spinach.
  • Glazed pumpkin with crispy chickpeas and paneer.

What Indian food should I order if I don’t like Indian food?

Indian Dishes For People Who Don’t Like Spicy Food

  • Korma. Korma is probably known best for being a mild Indian dish and it is usually the dish that people turn to when they don’t like spice.
  • Butter Chicken.
  • Tandoori Chicken.
  • Biryani.
  • Malai Kofta.
  • Ordering these dishes.

What do Indians eat besides curry?

8 Indian Dishes You Need to Try That Aren’t Curry

  • Pakora.
  • Samosa.
  • Tandoori Chicken.
  • Papri Chaat.
  • Dosa.
  • Biryani.
  • Aloo Paratha.
  • Saag Paneer.

What dish is similar to curry?

16 Foods That Prove There’s More to Indian Food Than Curry

  • Biryani. Savory spices, rice, usually meat and sometimes potatoes too.
  • Daal. India’s answer to lentil soup.
  • Tandoori Chicken.
  • Samosas.
  • Uttapam.
  • Seekh Kabab.
  • Pakoras.
  • Saag Paneer.
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Is all Indian food curry?

Myth: All Indian Food Contains Curry Powder In Indian cuisine, the most important ingredient is a mix of spices collectively known as garam masala. It is added to some dishes along with other spices to enhance their flavor and aroma.

What curries are similar to Tikka Masala?

Forget Korma and Tikka – Here are 10 of the Best Curries to Try

  • Dopiaza. The name means “double onions” and that’s the base of this curry, a rich-flavoured Indian dish that’s not too hot.
  • Makhani.
  • Goan.
  • Dhansak.
  • Rajma Masala.
  • Bhuna Gosht.
  • Massaman.
  • Thai Red Curry.

What is the most popular Indian food?

What the Most Popular Indian Dishes?

  • Fish curry.
  • Lamb vindaloo.
  • Dal makhani.
  • Pakora.
  • Kofta.
  • Korma. A thick, savory curry consisting of meat or vegetables braised with yogurt, cream, and spices.
  • Biryani. A meat-and-rice mixed dish that’s a popular staple food in Kashmiri cuisine.
  • Kebab. Popular in Punjabi cuisine.

What is a good Indian dish to order?

15 Popular Indian Dishes To Order At a Restaurant

  • Papdi Chaat.
  • Samosa.
  • Naan.
  • Paratha.
  • Masala Dosa.
  • Raita.
  • Dal.
  • Masala Chai.

Which Indian food is famous in the world?

Biryani is one of the most popular Indian cuisines that is served in all parts of the world. Experts say, this is a classic concoction of rice and chicken and has more variants than any other dish in the world.

What Indian food has no cilantro?

Best cilantro substitutes

  • Cumin: In Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern dishes, cumin frequently goes hand in hand with coriander.
  • Curry Powder: This spice mix contains several types of dried herbs and spices, including coriander, ginger, turmeric, and chili.
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What Indian food is dairy free?

What are Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free foods?

  • Chicken Tikka (Gluten-Free)
  • Vegetable Pakoras (Dairy and Gluten-Free)
  • Chana Saag ( Dairy and Gluten-free)
  • Dal Makhani (Dairy and Gluten-free)
  • Achari Murgh Masala (Dairy & Gluten-free)
  • Lamb Vindaloo (Dairy and Gluten-free)
  • Fish Malabari (Dairy and Gluten-free)

What is a very mild Indian dish?

1. Korma. Heat Rating: Very Mild. Although the Korma, commonly served with chicken and rice, is a traditional dish originating from Northern India and Pakistan, it involves little to no spice, making it the mildest curry.

What curry is similar to Bhuna?

Rogan Josh and Bhuna are so similar in their DNA they could be brother and sister – both go big on tomatoes, but the Bhuna is drier. Balti is the dish you see served in beautiful stainless steel bowls. It usually comes with naan bread, which in many cases doubles as your cutlery.

What is Indian curry food?

In Anglo-Indian and English cuisine, a curry is any dish with a sauce seasoned with spices. The spices commonly include turmeric, cumin, coriander, ginger, and chili pepper, among others. Such dishes have names that refer to their ingredients, spicing, and cooking methods.

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